7 Seals

Gracia Epilogue x15

19/05/24 20:01 Day 6 Fight

Dawn 476
Dusk  23

From the annals of Aden preserved stories about the gods, the creation of the world, and its destruction. So the legend of the fall of the younger goddess has come down to us - goddess of water chillen. Now she is the goddess of the dark moon, forgotten all, except their children. Few of them remember that wood Elves have created chillen. Ourselves same Forest Elves prefer to worship successor - the younger goddess ava. And only Dark Elves are loyal to their foremothers.

The story of the fall of schillen is very well described in Chronicles of Chaos, and I will not bring it here entirely. However, it is worth noting that these Chronicles missed the most important thing - how shillen were able to escape the wrath of she. Or specifically kept silent, so as not to have a desire to plunge the world back into Chaos? But it doesn't matter now. Mystery is open, now need, to know all, or the onset of Chaos inevitably.

The Chronicles of Chaos mention only that Chillen the last of his strength came not for salvation their children - dancers, but on the creation a protective the barrier that divided the continent of Aden. That part his, which is now known as the Kingdom Aden, was a scorched piece of land. East the part where the left shillen, remained intact anger she.

No one knows what the spell was, but even she could not break created a barrier. Trying to find the slightest slack, she a few days used the most terrible spells that turned once blooming Aden in a pile of earth covered with ashes. The few survivors fled West. Survivor dragons - the most evil, cunning and treacherous hiding in the deepest caves.

Shillen's joy was short-lived, for she knew that she could not. managed to avoid revenge she. She found herself in the imprisonment of his own spell. Although here historians disagree, alone they think that shillen could not create such a thing spell one, and there was not without help Gran Kain. Others suggest that the eldest the daughter was far superior in strength to her mother, and this was the true cause of the anger She. But both opinions are heretical, and very quickly the supporters of both currents agreed in the opinion that she was shocked by the betrayal daughters.

Anyway, the rescue became a trap for Chillen. Trying to break your own spell., she realized that it was only seven the gods, including she and Kain. How it turned out, through barrier not can penetrate only magical creatures, but it's permeable to living being. For centuries of his forced captivity, shillen created Seven Seals, each of which must invest force one of gods. V Aden was sent 6 of the emissaries chillen - each was to arrive at the temple of one of the gods and pray for the favor of the gods. The seventh seal the shillen herself remained behind the barrier. waiting in the wings.

All went well, and all the lesser gods gave their consent, although clearly not without help Gran Kain. But the most amazing thing was that She also invested in Seal their power. The reasons for her action are unknown to us, but the fact the fact remains. However... on the road East on a caravan of emissaries was attacked. The attack was repulsed, but Without a trace disappeared. Although the artifacts filled with the power gods can see any MAG for a kilometers, the missing were never found.

Despite the fact that any Print itself was able to grant its owner unprecedented ability to, for hundreds of years, no one they not seized. For this time much managed happen. Kingdoms came and went. A series of wars was followed by a period of prosperity. But no sign of Seals. About them first forgotten, then the new reform of the Church in General has eradicated any mention of them is like compromising perfection she. Some of this information is all same has remained intact in the recesses of our guilds Researchers adena - a clandestine organization, collecting truthful information about past and present Aden.

Sillen, the imprisoned, initially accepted the course of things. Then came despair and understanding that Print is gone, obviously not without the help of She. Anger flared. Old grudges came to mind. And plans revenge. With every day, shillen's anger grew. Many still remember the time of Chaos that reigned over Aden. A gaping wound on the body of the wasteland Kingdom - a grim reminder of the wrath and power of the gods.

And here is, quite recently, three from six table the missing Seals reappeared on the mainland Aden. Where did they come from, where were they all this is the time, and where the remaining three will remain riddle. But understanding that the time has come, when the Seals are used, only overshadows future. The knowledge that three found print filled with the power of the younger gods of PA'agrio, Ava and Saha - gives little hope that the powerful Seals will not be found for a long time, postponing the possibility of releasing shillen.

Those who were born now were born in the dim time, time change and great achievements. Even those who have always adhered to neutrality, we have to choose a side. Fight for possession Seals to use their power by bringing in the world Chaos and Destruction, or free shillen and to plunge the world into more Chaos and Destruction? We can't afford either, but we can't afford the other. we have no choice.


Choice of side:

Fighting for the power of the Seven Seals (only three) involved 2 sides - Revolutionary Army of Dusk and the Lords of Dawn. To take part in the fight for the Seven Seals player must join one of the parties for a period struggle's. After selecting one of the sides, go to the other the party will be impossible until a new one starts round of struggle through 2 weeks. Also at the moment hand selection, the player must select the seal, for which he will fight.

Revolutionary army of Dusk.

Only players not belonging to clans or alliances, owning castles, can join this side. To to join, the player needs to talk to Priest of Dusk in any city of.

Lords Of Dawn.

The players of a clan that owns castles can join this party for free. Other players can join this game side paid 50,000 Aden. Also each the owner of the castle can buy up to 300 Sertificate of Approval have Chamberlain NPC and pass them to others players. Validity of certificates is not limited, that is, a player who has chosen once side of Dawn with a certificate, maybe choose the same side in a new round of struggle already gratis. To join, the player needs to talk to the with Priest of Dawn in any city of. The struggle for the Seven Seals it is divided into 2 stages - the stage of choosing a side and stage Fighting and the step of receiving awards and bonuses Victory stage. To always be in the know the latest developments and follow the progress of each of the parties, the player can buy from any monk Dawn or Sunset, the progress Plate Score of the Seven Signs for 500 Aden. Before you choose The seal, can be watch, what choice have made other players in the Progress Table.


The stage of the Struggle starts at 18.00 Monday, following the sieges, and ends exactly after 7 days. During the Fight stage players choose side and the Seal. Players of each parties can hunt in the Catacombs and Necropolis on monsters Lilim, Nephilim, Lilith and Gigant, getting stones from them Seal Stones. In addition to the stones with these monsters do not fall. Total number the resulting stones will affect the outcome competitions. Another aspect of the Struggle phase is the participation of players in the Festival of Darkness - a serious challenge with no small reward. Winning the Festival of Darkness also affects outcome the entire struggle. Festivals Of Darkness are held in Oracles. Each color has its own value: blue-3 points, green-5 points, red-10 points. However, mere possession these stones do not affect the current total score each side. To change the account however, these stones must be handed over to the monks each of the parties respectively. Stones also can be exchanged with other players. Stones can be exchanged for regular adena 1 to 1 Black Market Trader of Mammon, depending on values of stones - blue - 3A, green-5A, red - 10A.


In the Festival of Darkness can only participate players who joined one of the parties. Meaning the idea is to have a group of 5-9 people held out against the constantly appearing and amplifying monsters for 18 minutes. Behind this time you need to dial as much as possible score wins and register it with the Oracle its side. The victory is awarded to that group, the one with the highest score. Itself the competition is divided into 5 classes - from the lowest to the highest S-class. Each winning group adds a certain amount of points to a piggy Bank one of sides. More detail Festival Darkness will described in separate article.


In both parts of the Fight stage either side can get no more than 500 points. More precisely, these 500 points are distributed between the parties according to certain rule. Put the stones affect the number of points that each of them will get parties, as a percentage. For example Dawn handed over stones with a total value of 7,000 points, while the Sunset passed the stones on 3,000 points. The total value of all surrendered stones - 10,000. Thus, Dawn receives 70%, and Sunset-30%. Final account of each party for collection of stones will be 350 and 150 respectively. Behind victory in the Festival of Darkness, depending on the class in which the group won one of the parties, a certain number of points is awarded, in the sum of the components of 500. Points scored by Seal stones and for winning the Festival of Darkness they are summed up and the winner is determined by the results - who has more points, the winner. Points scored by the winning party are reset to zero, in while the losing side's score will be transferred to the next round of the struggle.


If the losing party previously owned Seals, then she loses over them control. For to seize the power of the Seal that won the side needs 35% or more players the winning side chose this seal. If the winning side had previously owned any Print, then it needs to 10% or more the winning side's players chose this Seal. If the winning side has not scored enough amount % to get or save possession of the power of the Seal, then it cannot use the power of this Seal. Learn forecast, who will be the winner, and what The seals will hold, can be in the Table Progress's.


After determining the winning side and owners of Seals, game player can visit monks and oracles of their side to get reward - ancient adena. Size rewards are calculated from compliance - 1 point of value of the handed over stones = 1 ancient Aden. Players of the losing side cannot get from the monks of ancient Aden, however, the score the handed over stones remains, and in case of a victory in the next round, players will be able to pick up all at once ancient adena. Winners may also receive reward for winning the Festival of Darkness. V unlike collecting stones, the losing side won't get anything for The festival of Darkness next year the struggle. For ancient adena you can buy a variety of things from the same monks and brotherhood Mammon, and exchange them for regular adens 1 1 at the Black Market Trader of Mammon. If wins the Army of Dawn, it happens to be Sunny the Eclipse, and the sky turns purple shade, symbolizing the approaching Chaos. If wins The revolutionary army of Sunset, then there is a lunar Eclipse, and it becomes visible all-seeing eye shillen-harbinger of the future Destructions.


Each Seal gives the winning party bonuses, and to the losing party penalties.

Seal of Avarice

During the period of Victory in the Necropolis can only players of the winning side get in, owning this print. Player caught in Necropolis-gotten gains will be teleported made there any monster or NPC. If none of no one owns the Seal, no one can enter the Necropolis. Teleporting inside the Necropolis NPC will sell a variety of buffs to players the winning side for ancient Aden. The duration of buffs is 1 to 2 hours. Also teleportation into the Necropolis will be free. Lillith and Anakim may appear in Necropolises - two RAID bosses needed to level up Soul Crystal until 11 levels. V The necropolis appears to the Trader of Mammon, have which you can buy a variety of things for ancient adena. The mammon trader does not sit on the one place, and randomly teleported from one Necropolis to another.

Seal of Gnosis

During the period of Victory in the Catacombs can only players of the winning side get in, owning this print. Player caught in Catacombs-gotten gains will be teleported made there any monster or NPC. If none of no one owns the Seal, no one can enter into the catacombs. For teleportation into the Catacombs NPC take much less money. During the period Victories by city, except starting villages, moved a Preacher of Doom and impose a variety of bad spells (debuffs) on players losing hand. Debuffs last from 1 to 2 hours. During period of Victory through the cities, in addition to starting villages, move Oracle of Revelations, and impose a variety of good spells (buffs) on the winning side's players. Buffs last from 1 to 2 hours. Appears in the Catacombs Blacksmith of Mammon, from which you can make an exchange and upgrade weapons and purchase other services for the ancient Aden. The blacksmith of mammon does not sit in one place, but randomly teleported from one The catacombs in others.

Seal of Strife

If the seal is held by the lords of Dawn:
  • The owners of castles can recruit elite fighters (Dawn Mercenary) to protect the castle in time for the upcoming siege.
  • Slightly reduced cost modernization of the castle walls and gates.
  • Slightly increases the protection of walls and gates during the siege.
  • Lock owners can set the maximum tax is 25%.
If the seal is owned By the revolutionary army of Sunset, that:
  • Castle owners can only hire the weakest fighters (Rookie Mercenary) for protect the castle during the upcoming siege.
  • Greatly increases the cost modernization of the castle walls and gates.
  • Greatly reduced protection of walls and gates during the siege.
  • Lock owners can set the maximum tax is 5%.
  • You can't fly war dragons.



Any player who joins either side, can take part in the Festival of Darkness. V a conversation with a monk of his side (Priest of Dusk/Dawn) click "Participating in the Festival of Darkness" and then "I wish to go to the Oracle of Dawn/Dusk". After what You will transferred to the appropriate Your side Oracle. Festivals of Darkness are held only on Fight stage, every 20 minutes and divided into 5 classes are like things - in terms of complexity. The meaning of the Festival of Darkness is to score the highest score in 18 minutes, in opposition to constantly appearing and growing monsters. Inside the Oracles so called the peace zone-players can't attacking each other. Also, you can not attack PC. In addition, inside the Oracles can not be put shops, but you can exchange items. To participate in Festival Darkness can only group from 5-9 people. The group should consist of players of only one side with a difference of levels by no more than 2. Levels of all players groups must be included in the range levels specified for each Festival class Darknesses. If the player character has skills the next stage, than it is necessary to have the player on his level (deleveloped players) then he is not can to accept participation in a competition. Also have player should be not more 14 active quests and the availability of at least 20% free space in the inventory. To take part in the Festival Of darkness, all participants must contribute a certain the amount of stones depending on the class of the Festival. However, the specified amount must pay only group leader. That is before the Festival, players must chip in with Seal stones, and give the entire amount to the leader. If the leader not enough stones, then the group will not be allowed to participate in the Festival. Take part in Festivals can be an unlimited number of times, there are still enough stones to pay the fee participant's.

Below is a list of Festival classes, cost of participation and number of points, awarded to the party to which it belongs the winning group. You can pay either blue or green or red stones.

LVL Blue stone Green stone Red stone Glasses
20~32 900 520 270 60
33~43 1500 900 450 70
44~54 3000 1800 900 100
55~65 4500 2700 1350 120
65~75 6000 3600 1800 150


In order to get inside the combat zone, each member of the group needs to approach Guide of Festival and choose the appropriate class Festival. Make this it is necessary 2 minutes before the Festival, when it is announced by Shout Channel. At the start, Your group will be migrated inside the battle zone. All buffs and debuffs will be filmed with the characters of the group, and the group will be 2 minute buffs before you begin to appear monsters. First, the monsters will appear rarely and they will be weak, but as time goes on, they will appear faster and become increasingly stronger-so-called waves of. With each the monster in the murder of drops Blood of Sacrificed. The more the group will collect this blood in the allotted 18 minutes, the more chances to win in the selected class of the Festival. Blood falls only the leader of the group, but a chance fallout does not affect who will strike the final blow. The stronger the monsters, the greater the chance that your the group will receive the Victim's Blood. At The Festival Of Darkness you can't use Pets, but you can use Samonov and cubes. In addition to this, you can't get buffs in the process From players not participating in the Festival Of darkness - buffs Overlord. For violating these two rules, account recruited Blood groups to be Victims cut in half. During the battle with monsters, the player can die (well still). Experience, lost at death is cut to 1/4 of normal lost experience. Killed players cannot be resurrect, instead, when you press the button Return at death, players will appear in the center of the fighting zone Festival. Things with players, those in the combat zone do not fall at all (chance equals 0). However, players are PCs with a PC counter over 5 will lose things with the usual chance. In the centre increased MP and HP regeneration speed. If the band loses the Festival (that is, very often players die), it is possible to abandon continue by talking to the shaman in the center battle zone Festival. Players who wished leave the Festival, will be moved inside Oracle's. If the players group think monsters are too weak, they can ask shaman increase the difficulty of monsters. After this in the corners of the combat zone, you will see 4 monsters Offering of Festival, only after their murder, the complexity of the monsters will increase. However, remember, reducing the strength of the monsters will be impossible. Into that at the same time, the stronger the monsters, the more and more often with them falls the blood of the Victims. during the festival Of darkness players will be notified shout about the remaining until the end of Festival time. First the cry-10 minutes until the end of, the second the cry-5 minutes until the end of, the third the cry-2 minutes until the end of Festival's.


After the end of the Festival, players will transferred back to the Oracle. The group leader must within 40 minutes to register the dialed invoice from the Festival Guide, otherwise, the score will not be taken into account. If group leader didn't check the result, he can't to participate in subsequent Festivals until expiration of the allotted 40 minutes (you can not hand over the bill immediately from several Festivals). Winners The festivals are defined for each class Festival for the greatest number blood of victims. After a week fight, points earned for winning the class will be awarded to the party for which the the winning group. The group that won the one of the classes of the Festival and belongs to the winning party can get a reward from the Guide Festival's. The reward is calculated from the sum of all stones received as an introductory for participation in the Festival (totalizator). Received the amount is transferred to the ancient Aden and distributed among those groups that they belong to the winning side. If the group won at the Festival, but belongs to to the losing side, it cannot claim for the prize. If the winning group does not will have time to pick up the prize before the next round fight, then the prize "burns".